About Fluid

Fluid Colon Hydrotherapy is the first and only clinic in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to use FDA Registered Equipment and have I-ACT (International Association of Colon Therapy) Certified Therapists. Since 2007 Fluid has educated people on the importance of maintaining a healthy intestine for overall wellness. Fluid has conducted over 15,000 Colon Hydrotherapy sessions and has been featured in local news and media. Fluid is recommended by numerous doctors, weight loss clinics and spa's for assisting their patient's health needs and has established a strong reputation among our clients as the "fixer" of constipation problems. Our philosophy goes beyond just cleansing the intestines; we believe ultimate health can be obtained only when the body is in perfect harmony.

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1452 Ashford Avenue Suite 307
San Juan (Condado), Puerto Rico 00907
Phone: 787-724-4366